Hiriketiya - Where the tropical jungle meets the sea

We can distinguish the blue among the palm trees, fragments of sea framed by leaves and bushes. Suddenly, the green disappears. It’s the bright blue of the sea that replaces it. It’s a colour so deep it makes the sky look pale. At the southern point of Sri Lanka, off the busy small-town Dikwella, you will find our love Hiriketiya - a tiny and humble beach village with lots of friendly souls around. Only a few people hesitate before jumping in the sea. It’s time for endless swims and sun.

Your hosts Renato & Jessica would love to share their secret spots with you. 

Saturdays Market in Dikwella

Peckish? Take a wander through the neighbouring towns market which holds a huge selection of fresh, yummy foods from vegetables, fruits, pastries and salads to seafood straight from the Indian ocean.

Hiriketiya Surf Bay

Hiriketiya Bay is a beautiful horseshoe-shaped cove. Due to the hills on the right and left of the bay, it is quite wind-protected and surfing is available pretty much all year round. The reef break is a peeling left hander on a very shallow reef closer to the coast line. It’s a powerful wave, holds up to 6ft and can lead up to 350m long ride. The beach break in the middle is a lot of fun for both beginners and intermediate. 

Dikwella Swimming Bay

A great place to first discover the underwater treasures of Sri Lanka. It's all about the chance to swim with elegant turtles in the waters off this unimaginably-lush island. Best months for snorkelling are between October and April.